Laser Dentistry For Kids

Laser Dentistry for Kids in Twinsburg, OH

When most of use hear the word laser we think of science fiction movies and light sabers. Lasers are not just for fiction any more, though. They have many medical uses today, and use by a pediatric dentist is one of them. While Dr. Laura and Dr. Rachel are no Jedi masters, they are certified in laser dentistry. The team at Great Beginnings Pediatric Dentistry has been offering this exciting, innovative technology to their patients since late 2015.

How Laser Dentistry is Different

Cavities develop sometimes, even with good brushing habits and a healthy diet. Not surprisingly, many children find getting a filling unpleasant. The Solea laser takes most of the unpleasant parts of getting a filling away.


No Needles!

The pain that comes from a traditional dental drill is caused mostly by the heat and vibrations it produces. These are absent with the laser, which instead produces a numbing effect while it works. This means many procedures can be performed without any shots to numb the area first.


No Alarming Noise!

The high-pitched whine of a traditional drill can be unsettling to many patients. That sound is absent with the Solea laser! The noise at times is described more like the little pops of pop corn popping! This happens as water droplets “pop” from the laser’s focus.


No Jarring Vibrations!

The dentist must apply pressure with a traditional drill to remove the decay. The result is uncomfortable strain on the jaw and jarring vibrations. No pressure is needed with the laser; the doctor simply aims it on the decayed area. The laser does the work, not the dentist pushing on the drill.


No Lingering Numbness!

Patients don’t need a shot to numb the area, so they don’t leave with that “fat” tongue and mouth feeling. As a result, the child is less likely to bite their tongue or cheek. 


More Precise Treatment!

The laser’s pinpoint accuracy keeps more of the healthy tooth intact than a traditional drill does. This means more healthy tooth to support the filling!


Fewer Appointments!

Compared to a traditional drill, the laser works quickly! As a result, patients enjoy shorter and fewer visits. This reality is convenient for the child and parents alike!


Although not every procedure can be done with this technology, Dr. Laura and Dr. Rachel find many opportunities to use it every day

Great Beginnings Pediatric Dentistry Is One Of Only Two Pediatric Dental Practices In NEO Offering This Cutting-Edge Form Of Dentistry For Children.

If you would like to see if your child is a candidate, call our office (330) 425-1885 to schedule a visit.

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