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Dear GBPD Patients, Families, and Community,

We hope everyone is staying healthy and enjoying some quality family time during Ohio’s stay-at-home orders. Dr. Laura and Dr. Rachel wanted to provide some tips and resources below to help you and those you love stay happy and healthy while we all stay home and help flatten the curve. Thank you for doing your part! Together, we’ll all get through this!

Color Dr. Laura and Dr. Rachel!

Click the button to download a coloring page featuring our very own Dr. Laura and Dr. Rachel! Share it with us on social media when you’re done!
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For Parents and Caregivers: Get help with schooling at home, as well as supporting your family emotionally through these challenges:

  • Child Mind Institute: Take advantage of many resources and experts to support the mental health of all your family members during what can be an anxiety-producing experience for many.
  • Mindheart: Need help explaining the virus to little ones?  This online PDF book helps kids understand.  It is available in many different languages, too!
  • BrainPop : Although only some of their videos are free, their plans give you ideas for different subject areas to pull other resources together.
  • Advice and Tips from a Teacher : This article offers help with structure to lesson planning from someone with years of experience!

For Families: Do and learn together:

  • America’s Test Kitchen: Turn your kitchen into fun time together, healthy meals, and science experiments. What a great time to teach your children important life skills!
  • Cincinnati Zoo: Go on a home safari together!  They are bringing the zoo to you.
  • Mystery Science: Do hands-on science experiments at home.
  • NASA at Home: Launch a rocket or build a hovercraft with these plans and ideas from NASA at Home!

For Kids: Keep your mind and body sharp while having fun:

  • Go Noodle: Have fun with movement, repeat-after-me songs, mindfulness activities, and more!
  • Broadway Babysitters: Different options available for different age groups to dance and read along with videos with a Broadway flair! (Note, the site does ask for donations to support their mission if you’re so inclined.)
  • Get creative at home with craft ideas, free coloring pages, and more.
  • Fun Brain: Great for K-8 and kids with learning disabilities, Fun Brain connects games and videos with learning in a fun environment.
  • AAA Math: Interactive math pages for K-8 take the frustration out of learning math.  It’s even recommended by experts for kids diagnosed with dyscalculia.  Available in Spanish, too!
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