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The pediatric dental team at Great Beginnings Pediatric dentistry makes your child’s comfort during visits a top priority. To help them achieve that goal, they offer sedation dentistry for kids in their Twinsburg, Ohio dental office. Specifically, Dr. Rachel Rosen and Dr. Laura Adelman offer two levels of dental sedation for children: mild (i.e., nitrous oxide) and deep (i.e., in-office IV sedation) sedation options.

In-Office Sedation at GBPD

Dr. Rachel and Dr. Laura offer both mild and deep sedation options right in the Great Beginnings Pediatric Dentistry office. This provides your child with the added, calming benefit of having their dental treatment performed in a familiar, kid-friendly environment with all the familiar GBPD team members.

Mild Dental Sedation for Kids: Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide (commonly referred to as laughing gas) is a minimally invasive sedation option available for children at Great Beginnings Pediatric Dentistry. Nitrous oxide does not put your child to sleep! They remain fully awake, talking ad interacting with the GBPD dental team. They simply feel more relaxed during the treatment. This gentle sedation option is available for all dental treatments, including cleaning and exams, if your child needs a little extra help relaxing.  

How Laughing Gas is Administered

Your child inhales laughing gas (nitrous oxide) mixed with oxygen through a small mask placed over their nose. After about 5 minutes of breathing in the medication through their nose with their mouth closed, your child will start to feel its effects.  Kids describe feeling “tingly” and “floaty.” They noticeably relax as well; they are less restless and often let go of any clenching of fists or jaws.  They will keep the mask (a.k.a. “happy nose”) on until their dental treatment is complete. Then they will breathe in oxygen for a minimum of 5 minutes to clear the medication from their system.  

Laughing Gas Safety

Nitrous is extremely safe! The short-term effects quickly wear off, allowing the child to return to normal activities after visits. Some patients, however, may feel a bit nauseous from the medication.  Your child can reduce the chances of nausea, however, by avoiding large, greasy meals prior to their visit. Others with certain health conditions may not be good candidates. Dr. Rachel and Dr. Laura will look carefully over your child’s complete health history to determine if nitrous oxide use is advisable for your child. 

In-Office IV Sedation for Kids

At times, some children may need a deep sedation option for dental work. IV sedation is performed in our dental office with our surgical team and an anesthesiologist present who is specially trained in pediatric dental sedation. During this type of sedation, your child experiences “twilight” sleep. This type of sleep allows your child to breathe independently while they sleep through treatment. It prevents them from feeling any pain, and children will have little to no memory of the time spent in the treatment office. 

The GBPD team recommends this level of sedation in cases where a patient  

Deep sedation dentistry for children offers many advantages for those who need it.  

Risks of In-Office IV Sedation Dentistry for Kids 

Of course, any form of anesthesia is not without risk. The surgical team at Great Beginnings Pediatric Dentistry takes all steps possible to minimize these risks as much as possible. Indeed, your child’s complete medical and dental history gets thoroughly discussed before any such recommendation can be made. Then the day of treatment, a fully trained team and support staff remain present to monitor and care for your child at each step. 

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