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Why Kids Love Dental Visits at Great Beginnings Pediatric Dentistry

We want your child to love visiting the dentist! That’s why at our specialized pediatric dentist office, we’ve designed our entire practice around a child’s comfort and needs. From the artwork to our hygiene area to our touch-screen computer games, every aspect of our office works to help reduce your child’s dental anxiety and make a visit to the dentist fun!

We strive to create a joyful, welcoming environment at every point along your child’s visit. We nurture your child’s natural curiosity by explaining everything we do in child-friendly terms, and our team members are always ready with a reassuring smile.

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Our Office Is Designed With A Child’s Comfort In Mind

Dr. Laura, Dr. Rachel, and Team strive to create an environment that is more than just welcoming to our patients and their families–we strive to make it fun, too!

We designed every aspect of our office with a child’s comfort and enjoyment in mind. Our colorful, playful decor creates a joyful environment as soon as a family enters our toothbrush-handled door!  Once inside, children can play with our touch-screen video games, blocks, books, and other toys while they wait for their appointment.

As children walk back to our treatment areas, they are greeted with playful artwork to enjoy. These fun pictures and sculptures help keep nerves away and reassure the child they are in a child-friendly place. Whether seated in a chair in the hygiene area or in a treatment room each child has a movie screen above their chair. They can relax while they watch a familiar movie favorite, or be excited to watch the newest releases we have.

Our Open Bay Hygiene Area Keeps Fears Away

When your child gets a cleaning and check up, they will be seated in our bright, open bay hygiene area. Why so open? To a child, an open bay is less threatening than a more confined, closed area typically found in adult practices. It also enables the child to see others relaxing encourages the same behavior in them. Finally, it also means plenty of room for a parent if the child needs that presence for extra encouragement.

All Visits End On A High Note

At the end of the visit, children earn a token and get to visit our Treasure Tower.  By ending all visits on this positive note, the child leaves with positive thoughts of returning for their next visit.  Plus, it’s just fun!

Prevention-Focused Care

As pediatric dentists, we are passionate about prevention-focused care.  We are dedicated to educating children and their caregivers on best oral health practices.  In addition, we are here to provide a helping hand when more than just brushing and flossing are needed. To prevent tooth decay and other oral health issues, we focus on the following areas:

Educating Our Families

We want to support caregivers in all they do to support their child’s oral health. That’s why we

  • Teach proper brushing and flossing techniques at each visit.
  • Discuss healthy eating habits and snack options with families.
  • Arm parents with tips and tricks to encourage good habits at home
  • Answer questions about thumb-sucking and pacifier use.
  • Offer advice on bottle feeding and breastfeeding as they pertain to oral health.
  • Maintain a Blog with helpful oral health care information caregivers can access 24/7.

Providing Preventative Boosts As Needed

Even with the best brushing and flossing practices, some teeth still need a little help. Tooth decay and dental injury are real concerns for children.  That’s why we

  • Provide fluoride treatments to help strengthen tooth enamel.
  • Apply sealants to hard to reach, deeply grooved teeth when needed
  • Make custom mouth guards to protect dental work and to prevent injury when playing sports

Encouraging Regular Check-Ups

Good habits are a must at home.  Still, a major component of prevention focused care is regular dental check ups  and cleanings with our dentists. Just like adults, children–and even infants–should see the dentist at least twice a year for cleanings and doctor checks.  These visits help prevent tooth decay and other oral health issues because they provide the following:

  • A chance for the dentist’s skilled eyes to look for potential problem areas
  • Age-appropriate x-rays to find concerns that aren’t yet visible to the bare eye
  • Time for caregivers and children to ask the dentist questions

Dr. Laura and Dr. Rachel would love to help you give your child the best oral health possible. Call our office today at (330) 425-1885 to schedule an appointment for your child. We are accepting new patients under the age of 12.

The Latest, Gentlest Dental Treatment Options Available

As pediatric dentists, we are passionate about prevention-focused care.  We are dedicated to educating children and their caregivers on best oral health practices.  In addition, we are here to provide a helping hand when more than just brushing and flossing are needed. To prevent tooth decay and other oral health issues, we focus on the following areas:

Intra-Oral Cameras Mean Better Diagnostics and Education

An intra-oral camera enlarges the view of teeth to more than 40 times their actual size! That means Dr. Laura and Dr. Rachel can really zoom in on what’s going on in your child’s mouth. These enlarged images help them catch the start of tooth decay and gum issues that would go undetected with the naked eye. Early detection means easier correction!

Furthermore, these images provide a way to show parents and patients exactly what the doctor is concerned about and open a dialogue about treatment options. Together, armed with the clear images and information, the pediatric dentist and parents can make the best plan of action together.


Digital Radiography Technology (X-Rays) Means Less Radiation Exposure

While the amount of radiation exposure in a traditional dental x-ray is safe for your child, parents understandably worry about radiation exposure. That’s why our office also offers digital radiography. Digital radiography means 70% less exposure to radiation! It also means faster image processing, making your stay at the dentist shorter.

Finally, it means better images. Conventional x-ray uses only 16-25 shades of gray to show contrast between healthy teeth and the start of decay. In contrast, digital radiography uses around 256 different shades, allowing for sharper, clearer contrast images. All this adds up to better views of your child’s teeth, so Dr. Laura and Dr. Rachel can make the best diagnosis possible.

Laser Dentistry Technology Means No Needles, No Numbness, And No Fear

Laser dentistry, like its name suggests, uses a laser instead of a conventional dental drill to remove tooth decay. The heat produced by the laser has a natural numbing effect, so no needle-delivered anesthetics are needed. This means no fear of the needle, and no lingering numbness after treatment.

The laser also is more precise than a traditional dental drill. More of the healthy tooth is maintained, and healing time is reduced. Learn more about this exciting form of dentistry HERE.

If this sounds like an ideal situation for your child and you’re thinking, “Where is there a Laser Dentist near me?” Look no further! To learn more about these exciting technologies and how they can help your child experience the best oral health possible, call our office to schedule an appointment today (330) 425-1885.

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