Infant dental exams

Baby's First Dental Exam in Twinsburg, OH

At Great Beginnings Pediatric Dentistry, we see children as soon as their first tooth erupts or at age 1—whichever comes first! Parents often have many questions about baby’s first dental exam, so we wanted to give you an overview on what to expect. 

Of course, an infant’s dental visit looks quite different than an older child’s or adult’s checkup. As pediatric dentists, Dr. Rachel and Dr. Laura know how to support your infant emotionally throughout their visits, so they enjoy a great start to a lifetime ooptimal oral and airway health!  

What to Expect at Your Infant's First Visit

A primary goal of early dental exams is to establish a dental home for your child.  In other words, we want your child to associate dental visits with positive thoughts as much as possible, so they are more likely to continue dental care throughout their lives

To that end, Dr. Rachel or Dr. Laura will examine your infant while they remain seated in the comfort and safety of your lap or while they lie on a lap boardYou’re always able to touch, talk to, and reassure your baby at every step. 

What Infant Dental Exams Cover

Once your infant is comfortable, the dentist will take the time to consider all of the following in their 20–30-minute visit: 


Examine& Feel Inside Baby's Mouth

We will not take any x-rays.  Instead, we will look inside with our magnifying exam glasses and gently feel with gloved fingers, looking for any sores or bumps. At the same time, we’ll  examine the health of any teeth present or erupting


Demonstrate Brushing & Flossing

Our dentists cover the basics of infant tooth and gum care to empower parents to keep baby cavity free. We’ll use a soft-bristled toothbrush and/or damp cloth during this time to clean your child’s teeth and gums for you.


Evaluate Impact of Sucking Habits

If your child uses a pacifier or sucks their thumb, our dentists will assess any impact they may be having on your child’s oral development. We can also discuss how and when to consider weaning your child from pacifier or thumb.


Discuss Baby's Level of Fluoride Exposure

Understanding your baby’s water source and its fluoride content is important. Our pediatric dentists can help you understand what toothpaste options make sense with this information.


Assess Tongue Posture & Movements

Your child’s tongue plays a critical role in their ability to eat, sleep, and talk optimally. It also can impact whether your child needs braces later. Our dentists will check for tongue tie or lip tie concerns that may impede development, and they will suggest early interventions if needed. 


Discuss Nutrition & Feeding Options

Your child’s eating and drinking habits significantly impact their oral—and overall—health. Our dentists discuss tips and tricks to help you introduce more solids to baby, encourage healthy eating, drink from a cup, and more.

Expect Us to Ask (and Answer) A Lot of Questions!

Every child is unique, and the more we know about your child and their family history the better treatment we can provide.  We encourage you to ask plenty of questions, too! Typically, wrecommend your child visit us every 6 months after their initial visit for cleanings and exams. Each child is unique, though, so your recommendation may be different if needed. 

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Great Beginnings Pediatric Dentistry is accepting new dental patients under the age of 12.

If you’re ready to find a dental home for your baby or toddler, call our Twinsburg, Ohio office at (330) 425-1885 to schedule a visit with Dr. Rachel or Dr. Laura. 

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