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Located just north of Hudson off of Route 91 in Twinsburg, Great Beginnings Pediatric Dentistry is the best children’s dentist near Hudson, Ohio. Our pediatric dental practice focuses primarily on preventative care.  After all, most cavities can be prevented! Our prevention-focused dental care for kids goes beyond just comprehensive cleanings and exams.  Dr. Rachel Rosen and Dr. Christi Walsh take a wholistic oral health approach, considering your child’s airway health, eating patterns and preferences, and oral hygiene habits. Assessing all these elements gives our pediatric dentists a comprehensive understanding of your child’s oral–and overall health–to optimize them both for a lifetime of healthy, happy smiles!

What Sets Great Beginnings Pediatric Dentistry Apart

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry means NO needles, NO numbness, and NO jarring noises or vibrations associated with a traditional dental drill.  It also means faster, fewer appointments. Its pinpoint accuracy also keeps more of the healthy tooth intact when removing decay.

Minimally Invasive Dentistry

At GBPD, we believe “less is more.”  Cavity prevention lies at the heart of their mission. When interventions are needed, minimally invasive techniques like the Solea laser, SDF treatments, and referrals for myofunctional therapy are sought out.

Airway Dentistry

How your child breathes impacts your child’s oral health and overall growth and development.  It can also impact your child’s immune system. Dr. Rachel and Dr. Laura are trained in airway assessment to help ensure your child achieves optimal oral and overall health for a lifetime!

Comprehensive Exams

  • Airway assessment
  • Sleep disturbance assessment
  • Tongue-tie & Lip-tie assessment
  • Laser tongue-tie release
  • Laser lip-tie release
  • Coordinated care with myofunctional therapists, lactation consultants, & body workers

Preventative Dental Care

  • Laser dentistry for kids
  • SDF treatments
  • Space maintainers
  • Non-metal fillings
  • Extractions
  • Pulpotomy (baby root canal)
  • Crowns

Restorative Dental Care

  • Laser dentistry for kids
  • SDF treatments
  • Space maintainers
  • Non-metal fillings
  • Extractions
  • Pulpotomy (baby root canal)
  • Crowns

A Commitment to Safety in a COVID World

Parents are understandably concerned about visiting dental and medical practices as we’ve all been living through a global pandemic. Dr. Rachel, Dr. Laura, and the entire GBPD team take this worry seriously. That’s why we’ve taken all the following extra safety precautions to keep all who visit our practice safe:

  • New hospital-grade air filtration and circulation system
  • Limited visitors in the building at a single time
  • Fully vaccinated doctors

We’re involved in the Hudson community, so kids don’t fear the dentist.

The more kids can see their dentists as regular people–rather than scary masked monsters–the more they can relax when they visit us.  Thus, we provide many opportunities for kids to get to know us as friends.  For example, we love participating in Fun at First & Main Events, as well as providing school talks at the local Evamere Elementary school. We also host an annual patient appreciation apple picking party, and a candy buy-back each fall. We encourage families to participate in our free parties and events, so their kids look forward to seeing us.

We focus on prevention first and foremost.

We know what you’re thinking.  If we prevent cavities, we might find ourselves out of jobs!  Not true!  We’d much rather stay in business educating kids and families how to maintain a healthy, cavity-free smile than by drilling and filling!  Indeed, we pride ourselves in teaching our patients how to eat right and drink right to minimize cavities.  Likewise, we love stressing proper brushing and flossing techniques, as well as explaining the importance of regular fluoride treatments. Of course, we’re here with gentle care when cavities do occur.

We practice a Tell, Show, Do (TSD) approach.

Kids are naturally curious, so we use that to our (and their!) advantage! When your child comes for a visit, we’ll teach them about our instruments and what we’re going to do before we ask them to open wide.  In addition, we show them our equipment and let them feel the tickle of the polisher or catch a glimpse of their smile in our mirror.  Finally, then we do what we need to do.  This simple approach goes a long way to let kids satisfy their curiosity and decrease any anxiety they may be feeling.

Our office is stress-free for parents, too.

As an independent pediatric dental office, we offer personal attention.  Whether it’s answering questions about your child’s chipped tooth or your dental insurance, our friendly team is only a phone call away.  Also, our office is easy to find.  We’re right on the border of Solon, Ohio and Twinsburg.  Coming from Solon, you’ll find us off the new traffic circle at what used to be the corner of Route 91 and Glenwood Drive.  Our office is nestled behind the Heinen’s with plenty of free parking.  Enjoy our free wifi and charging station while you’re visiting.


If you’re looking for a gentle, experienced children’s dentist near Solon, Ohio for your child, we’d love to welcome you to our dental family!  Dr.Rachel and Dr. Christi are accepting new patients in their office on the borders of Solon and Twinsburg, Ohio. We’re just a short drive away from Hudson, Ohio!  Call our team at (330) 425-1885 to schedule a visit today.

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