Dr. Laura and Dr. Rachel are always looking for new ways to provide the best dental visit experience for their families. As a result, they are constantly researching and learning about the newest advancements in dental technology.  Better technology means better, gentler treatment.

Intra-Oral Cameras Mean Better Diagnostics and Education

An intra-oral camera enlarges the view of teeth to more than 40 times their actual size! That means Dr. Laura and Dr. Rachel can really zoom in on what’s going on in your child’s mouth. These enlarged images help them catch the start of tooth decay and gum issues that would go undetected with the naked eye. Early detection means easier correction!

Furthermore, these images provide a way to show parents and patients exactly what the doctor is concerned about and open a dialogue about treatment options. Together, armed with the clear images and information, the pediatric dentist and parents can make the best plan of action together.

Digital Radiography Technology (X-Rays) Means Less Radiation Exposure

While the amount of radiation exposure in a traditional dental x-ray is safe for your child, parents understandably worry about radiation exposure. That’s why our office also offers digital radiography. Digital radiography means 70% less exposure to radiation! It also means faster image processing, making your stay at the dentist shorter.

Finally, it means better images. Conventional x-ray uses only 16-25 shades of gray to show contrast between healthy teeth and the start of decay. In contrast, digital radiography uses around 256 different shades, allowing for sharper, clearer contrast images. All this adds up to better views of your child’s teeth, so Dr. Laura and Dr. Rachel can make the best diagnosis possible.

Laser Dentistry Technology Means No Needles, No Numbness, and No Fear

Laser dentistry, like its name suggests, uses a laser instead of a conventional dental drill to remove tooth decay. The heat produced by the laser has a natural numbing effect, so no needle-delivered anesthetics are needed. This means no fear of the needle, and no lingering numbness after treatment.

The laser also is more precise than a traditional dental drill. More of the healthy tooth is maintained, and healing time is reduced. Learn more about this exciting form of dentistry HERE.

If this sounds like an ideal situation for your child and you’re thinking, “Where is there a Laser Dentist near me?” Look no further!  To learn more about these exciting technologies and how they can help your child experience the best oral health possible, call our office to schedule an appointment today (330) 425-1885.