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Dental Exams for Children Twinsburg, OH

Routine, comprehensive dental exams for children at Great Beginnings Pediatric Dentistry help ensure your child enjoys optimal oral and airway development.  They also serve as a critical part of preventative health care.

As pediatric dentists, Dr. Rachel and Dr. Laura know how to support your child emotionally throughout their visits, so they enjoy visiting the dentist!

What to Expect at Your Child's Dental Checkup

Your child’s teeth, jaw, and face grow rapidly, just like the rest of their body! Bi-annual pediatric dental cleanings and exams let our dentists check on that growth, so they can treat and prevent minor issues before they become major ones. 

At dental exams at Great Beginnings Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Rachel and Dr. Laura do more than just the basics. The cover all of the following and more:


Monitor Tooth & Jaw Development

By age 12, the face and jaws are done growing. This development impacts the way your child eats, speaks, breathes, and smiles.  Regular dental checkups during the growth years catches problems early while intervention is possible.


Diagnose Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is an infectious, transmissible disease.  In other words, decay in one tooth can spread to another if left untreated. Dental x-rays during exams help Dr. Rachel and Dr. Laura diagnose cavities that are not visible to the naked eye.  Early detection means less invasive treatment.


Teach Cavity Prevention

Tooth decay is largely preventable! Checkups serve as the perfect time to discuss the role of nutrition, proper flossing and brushing, and nasal breathing in cavity prevention. Dr. Rachel and Dr. Laura work as parents’ partners to find real solutions to decreasing cavities.


Assess Airway Health

Nasal breathing (versus open-mouth breathing) improves your child’s immune system and sleep patterns. It also helps prevent cavities, reduce anxiety, and promote proper jaw and tooth development. Regular dental exams help catch tongue posture and airway problems early for the best outcomes.


Ask & Answer A Lot of Questions

No one knows your child like you do!  We ask a lot of questions to get to know your child and form a relationship as partners in their oral health care! We encourage you to ask questions, too! We believe open dialogue is the key to the best health outcomes for your child.


Coordinate Care

Your child’s oral and airway health impact their overall health tremendously. When the need arises, we coordinate care with Myofunctional therapists, lactation consultants, and ENTs to ensure your child receives the best treatment for their needs.

Great Beginnings Pediatric Dentistry is accepting new dental patients under the age of 17 years.

If you’re ready to find a dental home for your child, call our Twinsburg, Ohio office at (330) 425-1885 to schedule a visit with Dr. Rachel, Dr. Laura, or Dr. Danielle.

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