Dr. Rachel Rosen, DDS

girl sleeps with mouth open showing one of 10 signs of sleep disordered breathing

10 Signs of Sleep Disordered Breathing in Children

We all intuitively understand the inherent value of a good night’s sleep! If you’re only discussing your child’s sleep habits with your pediatrician and not their pediatric dentist, though, you are missing out on valuable insights to help your child sleep and grow optimally. Airway-centric pediatric dentists, like those at Great Beginnings Pediatric Dentistry, have …

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boy and girl sit smiling holding glasses of water demonstrating understanding fluoride benefits and risks includes knowing your water supply information to share with pediatric dentist

Fluoride Benefits and Risks

Lauded by many for it’s cavity-fighting properties, fluoride also has its detractors. As pediatric dentists, we field many questions about flouride usage. Below we share important fluoride benefits and risks to help caregivers understand how this common toothpaste ingredient works.

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