3 of Our Favorite Toothbrushing Tools for Kids

Not all kids happily embrace brushing their teeth. Furthermore, many children don’t brush long enough, or they have trouble realizing which spots in the mouth they missed.  Read more

5 Benefits Pediatric Dentists Offer Your Child

The first part of the answer to why your child should see a pediatric dentist is simple: children’s teeth are still developing. As a result, their dental needs are very different from adults’ needs. Read more

We all know that healthy food leads to healthy kids. Dentists know, what kids eat and drink greatly impacts their oral health, too. Foods rich in calcium, phosphorus, and Vitamin D are vital to strong teeth. Furthermore, drinks that help reduce, rather than promote, acid levels in the mouth are key to preventing tooth decay.

When your kids are looking for a snack, pick from this list for good oral health:

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Why Your Child Needs to Floss

As dentists, we usually love it when oral health issues are front and center in the news—but not this time! Last week, we saw many people on social media sharing this report by the AP which claims there’s “little proof that flossing works.” Yikes! Read more